Admission to very good site cipro pills online Mattlidens international 2016

The names of the students admitted to Pre DP in 2015 will be published under this link on Thursday 16 June at 8 a.m.......


Information is given on Thursday 21 January 2016 at 6 p.m. in the dining hall. Mattlidens International Baccalaureat.......

Mattlidens International

  Mattlidens gymnasium is a coeducational Swedish-speaking upper secondary school founded in 1957. The IB Section .......

The IB Programme at Mattlidens

The International Baccalaureate is an internationally recognized matriculation examination which qualifies candidates .......

Mattlidens' Mission Statement

Mattlidens Gymnasium provides excellence in teaching and learning, in a tolerant, compassionate and open-minded internat.......

The IB Learner Profile and Mission Statement

The link on the logo takes you to the International Baccalaureate organizations website

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  • Mattlidens International

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  • Mattlidens' Mission Statement

  • The IB Learner Profile and Mission Statement

Old Dances - LIVE

  For the first time in Mattliden history we will have a live broadcast of the Gammeldans, t...

Congratulations Kasper!

Kasper Björkqvist and his team won the Junior World Championship. Congratulations from all of buy canada in viagra confidence us in ...

New furniture

During the summer the school has been furnished with new sofas and tables. We hope that everyone wil...

The 2014 UNICEF concert

Erika Sirola was one of many talented students performing at our charity concert on 23 October. Th...

  • Old Dances - LIVE

  • Congratulations Kasper!

  • Info for applicants 2016

  • New furniture

  • The 2014 UNICEF concert

The Student Council 2015

This is our new (2015-2016) Student Council (EK). The board represents the levitra on line from united states entire student body i.e. ...

The Student Council 2014

This is the new Student Council. These board members represent the whole student body in Mattliden...

Student council 2013

We are the new, extremely competent student council, and we represent YOU, the students of Mattlid...

Student council 2012

We are the new, extremely competent student council, and we represent YOU, the students of Mattlid...

What is the student council actually?

A student council is a mandatory for each and every school, but what the student councils work wit...

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  • What is the student council actually?


Some students on the national side have just completed an Arts Diploma. The exhibition opened on 2...

Moma i Mattliden

Oljemålningskursen är den chilligaste konstkursen där den som gillar att måla får göra det av hela...

  • Vernissage

  • Bröderna Lejonhjärta

  • Moma i Mattliden

Volleyball, abis meet teachers

This year it was the teachers who won the game. Well done!  

The winners of the volleyball tournament

Congratulations to the Abis!

Pokalen hägrar

Semifinalerna i damfotboll spelades på tisdagen den 27.9 på vår egen fotbollsplan. Laget fick två ...


The girls football team won a convincing victory on Thursday, September 8th. The first goal was sc...

Idrott i Mattliden

Här kan du inom kort läsa mera om olika idrottsevenemang skolans elever deltagit i. Det gäller frä...

  • Volleyball, abis meet teachers

  • The winners of the volleyball tournament

  • Pokalen hägrar


  • Idrott i Mattliden

Our new Principal's greetings

Happy New Year! Welcome back from what hopefully has been a relaxing Christma......

An Apiarist's Diary

My wife, Marja, had been thinking about keeping bees and making honey for some......

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  • An Apiarist's Diary

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Tutors 2016

Thanks to the tutors of 2015 for the interviews and viagra from the usa participation in the choice of new tutors. We also would like to thank everyone who applied for the programme. All candidates showed extraordinary qualities but someone had to be chosen and this time this was the result. Dennis Bucher Otto Baltscheffsky...

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Mattliden's Youtube channel.

unicef logo en

Mattlidens Gymnasium is a Unicef school 2013-2016.

Mattlidens Gymnasium has worked in cooperation with UNICEF since 2001. Until now we have raised 48.500€. This amount includes the 9.912,29 raised during the Unicef concert in October and the Taksvärkki Day in December 2014.


Remenber safety precautions. The lock for the weights in the gym should be pulled hard enough so they don't fall off. Don't lift too heavy weights if you are alone in the gym. The key which should be given back can be obtained from the secretary's office.

Please put bottles and cans in the class rooms where they are supposed to www.heritage1886.orgnew be put.