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ÄMNE: Drawings

Drawings 10 år 3 månader sedan #2849

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In this document I have listed the drawings I find you should be able to produce in paper II: for good essays or for short answers, and for paper III, remember the rules for labelling, for good essays it might be helpful to be able to draw even if it is not actually said in the syllabus, drawing exercises makes labelling easier also (the ear and eye)!!

Cells: Ultrastructure of Escherischia coli, ultrastructure of the liver cell, draw and label a cell membrane. Learn how to draw the stages of the stages of meiosis and mitosis, how are they different?

Molecules: Water, amino acid, glucose, ribose, fatty acids, glycerol, nucleotides, DNA with four paired nucleotides!

Graphs: Factors affecting enzymatic activity, factors affecting photosynthetic activity, and others, remember labels!!!

Genetics: Punnett grids, pedigree charts: Male/female/offspring, carrier...

Ecology: The carbon cycle (labelled boxes), food webs (named species!), population growth graph with labels, a dichotomous key with given organisms.

Human physiology:
The heart, the ventilation system, the digestive system, a motor neuron, male and female reproductive system, the menstrual cycle,

Physiology of exercise: The human elbow, the sarcomere.

Neurobiology and behaviour: The reflex arch, the human eye (label only), the retina (label only), the ear (label only)

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