The International Baccalaureate is an internationally recognized matriculation examination which qualifies candidates for admission to universities and colleges all over the world. The programme consists of a two-year course (grades 11-12) preceded by a preparatory year (grade 10). The IB Diploma Programme is demanding and it differs in many respects from the Finnish national curriculum. Some of the remarkable differences are:

  • students study the same 6 subjects for the 2 years of the Diploma Programme
  • all subjects are examined at the end of the 2 years. The examinations take place in May on the same days in every country in the northern hemisphere. 
  • each subject involves an internal assessment component (e.g. oral assessment in languages and lab reports in the sciences). 

The IB Diploma Programme consists of six subject groups and students choose one subject from each of the groups (if a subject isn’t chosen in the arts, then a second subject is chosen from another group). Three of the subjects must be studied at higher level (HL) and three at standard level (SL). The subjects offered at Mattlidens gymnasium are as follows:

Studies in language and literature. English/Finnish/Swedish A: literature (HL/SL), English A: Language and Literature (HL/SL) 

Language acquisition. Finnish B (HL/SL), French B, Spanish B, Swedish B (SL)

Individuals and societies. History, Economics, Global Politics (HL/SL)

Sciences. Biology, Chemistry, Physics (HL/SL)

Mathematics. Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (HL/SL) OR Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation (SL)

The Arts. Visual Arts, Music (SL)

Due to factors such as group size and scheduling, it is impossible to carry out all desired combinations of subjects and levels. For a group to be formed or a higher level subject to be taught there needs to be a sufficient number of students interested in studying the particular subject and level. We cannot guarantee that all languages and all HL subjects will be taught every year. 

Alongside the Diploma subjects, each student must also successfully complete the IB core in order to qualify for the IB Diploma. The core elements are: 

CAS (Creativity, Action, Service): Students participate in and organize activities linked to creativity (e.g. music and art), action (e.g. sports), and service (e.g. volunteer work). Upon the completion of an activity, students must reflect upon the experience.

EE (Extended Essay): Each student writes a 4000 word essay in a subject and on a topic of their own choice. They are supervised by a teacher in that subject.

TOK (Theory of Knowledge): A course in critical thinking where students are encouraged to question the nature of knowledge. Assessment involves an exhibition and an essay on a prescribed title.

Due to the Corona restrictions currently in place, this year’s IB INFO EVENING will be a live stream (no event will be held for the public at the school). This event is for anyone interested in learning more about the IB Diploma Programme at Mattlidens gymnasium, especially 9th graders and their parents/guardians. The DP coordinator and guidance counsellor will host the live stream from the school, where we will present various aspects of the school and the IB Diploma Programme. The IB INFO EVENING will take place on Thursday 14.1.2021 starting at 18:00. The stream will be broadcast on our YouTube channel – please check the website closer to the date for the direct link.  

Our OPEN HOUSE will also be held virtually this year on Tuesday 19.1.2021 at 15:30 on Instagram Live. You will be taken on a virtual tour of the school, and get to meet some of our students and teachers along the way. Please check the school website for specific information regarding joining the live feed.

Please note that these arrangements may still need to be adjusted due to any Corona restrictions which may be in place at the time. If you are unable to attend online at these times, there will be recordings.


Joint application in spring 2021 (preDP)

Applications for upper secondary school are made via the joint application for vocational and upper secondary education. The application takes place 23.2 - 23.3.2021. The application deadline is 23.3 at 15.00. The application form and more information can be found at

The results of the joint admission will be published on Thursday 17.6.2021. You will receive your admission results by email from Opintopolku. The names of those admitted are also published on our website, provided that the applicant has given us permission to publish their name.

If you have been accepted, you should officially accept your study place electronically in Opintopolku. In order for the admission process to go smoothly, we would ask that you do this no later than Friday 18.6 at 12.00.

After you have electronically accepted your study place, you will be sent your Wilma codes and other important information about the start of the school year via email and regular mail.

If you have questions regarding the acceptance of the study place, you can contact our school secretary or principal (contact information on the website). The last day to accept the study place is 1.7.2021.

There is often a waiting list for spots in the preDP. If you are on the waiting list, but have been accepted at another school/program, you should accept that spot. If a spot becomes available at Mattlidens gymnasium, you will be informed of this via email.  

Applications outside the joint application system

If you are applying directly to the IB diploma programme (the second year of Finnish high school), you should be in touch with the DP coordinator directly. 

This is also the case for those who wish to inquire about study spots after the application period is closed. Subject upon availability, we may be able to accept late applications. 

For more information on subjects, or any other questions concerning the IB Diploma Programme at Mattlidens Gymnasium, please contact:

DP Coordinator Ms. Anna Martikainen


mobile +358 43 827 1414