How do I apply?

There are different procedures depending on if you are applying from a Finnish comprehensive school OR from outside the Finnish system. Please consult the Admissions Policy for more detailed information on how to apply. 

How do I submit all the additional documents required when applying from outside the Finnish comprehensive school system?

All the additional documents required (school report, candidate application form, and appraisal form) can be returned by post or by email. 

If you are sending your application by post/courier, make sure you are using the correct address (the postal address is different from the street address). These addresses can be found on the website. If the school’s appraisal form is being returned in the same package, it should be in its own sealed envelope as this is a confidential assessment of the candidate by the school. 

Applications submitted by email should have the applicant’s name in the subject line and be sent to the DP coordinator. Appraisal forms should be sent directly to the DP coordinator by the school (we will not accept appraisal forms submitted by the applicant themselves). 

All application documents should arrive at the school by March 31st at the latest.  We cannot guarantee that we will process applications which arrive after this date.

Does it matter which position I put Mattlidens gymnasium on the common application? 

Yes, the school/program you put as your first choice is the one which will be selected for you if you fulfill the entrance requirements and are in their top points. It is important to put the schools in the order of preference for you.

Do I need to have a guardian living in Finland? 

We highly recommend this.

How much is tuition? 

There are no tuition fees. Students are responsible for buying their own books and other study supplies (e.g. laptop). Students also pay their IB final exam fees (for the May 2021 session, the fees are 530€).

Is the IB hard? 

The IB Diploma Programme is an academically challenging course which teaches you the knowledge and skills needed for university. Very often it involves a lot of independent projects, but then you can go in depth in subjects and areas that you are interested in. 


Where do your graduates go once they’ve received their IB diploma? 

Many of our graduates go to the UK to study. In recent years, the Netherlands has become a popular choice. That being said, the IB Diploma is also highly valued in Finnish universities and many of our graduates choose to continue their studies in Finland, as well. In addition, the IB Diploma prepares our graduates in a wide variety of fields - from medicine to engineering to international business to studies in literature, even fashion design!