Season’s Greetings!

2018 is wrapping up and a highly anticipated winter break awaits our students and staff. I will begin with the less pleasant news to be able to end this letter in a positive note:

  • Unfortunately, we have noticed that indifference towards the cleanliness of our school building has escalated among our students. The aula and study hall furniture, all of which have been acquired in the past 3 years, is run down on a daily basis in quite an unnecessary way. The brand-new student lounge has become the latest victim of this disappointing behavior. We will for this reason let the situation cool off for a while, close the above-mentioned lounge for the rest of the autumn term and urge the students, EK and the staff to discuss together how the whole school could be mobilized to take better care of our school environment. We will arrange morning assemblies in January on this topic.
  • We wish to remind you all that smoking in the school area is not only illegal but even extremely unkind to all the very young children at Mattliden school center. Day care kids should not be forced to spend their days right next to smoking high school students – this should be crystal clear for ALL of us at this stage.

Last academic year, we launched a greater focus on drug preventive work at Mattlidens gymnasium. Since the issue is of such importance and Rome cannot be built in a day, we continue this task this year as well. The theme day at the end of November was an example of our drug preventive work. In addition, all form groups in cohorts 1 and 2 will collaborate with Aseman Lapset ry in the spring. We naturally encourage you to discuss this issue at home and to pay attention to, for example, any changes in your children’s behavior. The increase in the use of illegal drugs such as cannabis among upper secondary students is rather unfortunately a fact that was evident in latest School health surveys.

It has probably been impossible to not notice the media frenzy concerning giving gifts to the Espoo city's staff. The amount of media time given to this issue may have been unnecessarily large, but the arisen discussion is nevertheless important as the amount of low-income families in Finland has grown in recent years. So please keep in mind that high school staff members are not allowed to receive gifts from students and guardians in the form of money or gift cards. If a joint gift is given by students to e.g. teachers, the sum per student should be minimal (1-3 €). In addition, participation in these gifts should always be voluntary.

After all these not-so comforting news, I wish to remind you all how proud we can be of our talented students:

  • The school's participation in Ahtisaari Day on the 15th of November was a sight for sore eyes and received great praise from many members of the public.
  • Music performances at the Fall graduation and Wednesday's charity concert was another reminder of the versatility and talent of Mattliden's students. Our students Emilie Stubb and Isabelle Sommardal organized a very successful and appreciated charity concert, in which students from Mattliden and other schools participated. The concert collected a considerable amount of money for the organization Sylva, which supports children and young people with cancer.
  • Mattliden received a visit from the Parliament: Anna-Maija Henriksson and Anders Adlercreutz from RKP talked about about the work they do and answered the tricky questions that our students posed.
  • Every time we have foreign guests in the building - which happens very often - they always express their admiration of our students who actively and naturally discuss with them regardless of language barriers. All of this we should keep in mind.

Important events in period 3:

  • 20.12.2018 Christmas Concert at 23:00 in Espoon tuomiokirkko. The school day is according to regular schedule.
  • 21.12.2018 Winter vacation begins
  • 7.1.2019 spring term begins
  • 7.1.2019 Morning assembly for PreDP
  • 8.1.2019 IB1 parents evening
  • 10.1.2019 Morning assembly for IB2
  • 10.1.2019 PreDP upgrade exam (sign-up by 20.12.2018)
  • 14.1.2019 Morning assembly for IB1
  • 16 and 22.1.2019 IB Open house for 9th graders
  • 25.1.2019 The evaluation week for PIII begins
  • 4.2.2019 Period IV begins

Wishing you all relaxing holidays,

Saana Ruotsala


Mattlidens gymnasium