Yet another month is here and more than half of the autumn term lies behind us. We have many interesting events and projects coming up, so please, take a comfortable position and read about them!

Mattlidens gymnasium participates in the competition “HBL 10 min live” - and we need help from everyone in order to win! On the 7th of November from 18.00 to 18.10, we will broadcast a live show that Mattliden's students across form groups and cohorts together produce, perform, stage and film with professional equipment. Make sure that everyone you know watches the live stream as well as likes and shares our advertising on Facebook, as likes and visibility are needed to win the “10 min live” competition between four different Swedish-language high schools in Finland. The more viewers and shares, the greater the chance is that we win. More info is found on Mattliden’s Instagram.

On the same day, that is, on the 7th of November, all 1st year students ie. 19A-K will take part in the “Tunne työ” project, that connects high school students with the working life. On that day a big event is held in Redi shopping center at Kalasatama.

On the 12th of November, the Espoo city youth council elections will be held at school and we at Mattliden naturally hope for a high vote count among our students. In addition, Mattliden's student council elections will be held approx. one month later ie. the 10th of December.

The same week as the city youth council election, all 2nd year students ie. 18A-K will be taking part in a widespread survey about high school studies. The survey is aimed at all 2nd year students in all upper secondary schools in the greater Helsinki area and it will therefore provide us useful information on how our students enjoy their studies and their stay here at Mattliden.

On the 27th of November Mattliden will take part in “Taksvärkki”. All students are expected that day to help with household chores or work for a company and contribute with at least 15 €. This year, all proceeds will go to the Shiksha Niketan School, a school run by Barefoot College in northern India, our partner in the internationalization and sustainable development project "Esbo Agenda 2020", supported by Opetushallitus. More information about this project and about Shiksha Niketan School will be given to the students during a morning assembly. However, what can already be revealed is that we have planned within the project different types of student exchange programs with our other partner school Kodaikanal International School. Keep your eyes and ears open! After Taksvärkki, period III begins on the 28th of November.

A group of eager students, teachers and guardians are planning as we speak a project called "Let's talk about sex", which will take place during December-January. The initiative for this project has come from a group of students and its purpose is to increase knowledge and thus well-being concerning sexual health. In addition, we will during period II and III conduct a GHT (ie. form teacher session) trial, in which we develop a better system for our form teacher sessions considering especially the upcoming national curriculum reform. In practice, this means that in period III we will be having a 30 min. form teacher session (GHT) every other week and a 75 min. GHT during the last week of the period. After period IIII, the trial is evaluated by students and teachers.

We have noticed that many of our students are very hungry during the school day, which has a negative impact on their energy levels and their studies. We will for this reason begin serving either crispbread, porridge or fruit in the mornings. We are surveying the students’ preferences in this matter as we speak. The serving of morning snacks will begin in the beginning of period III at its latest.

On the 4th of December, the University of Helsinki will be landing in Mattliden, meaning that 2nd and 3rd year students have a chance to participate in interesting mini-lectures held by university students. The following day, on the 5th of December, we will celebrate the Independence Day and graduation ceremonies.

Culture will be coloring our school day on two occasions this fall: on the 9th of December, all 1st year students have the chance to see Teater Taimine's play "Lyckomanifestet" and on the 17th of December, a few selected teaching groups will partake in the dance composition "Solidaariset kehomme".

At the end of the autumn term a lock down drill will be held. More information about the drill will be sent out in a separate message later. The autumn term will, however, end in a more positive and festive note at Mattliden's traditional Christmas concert on the 19th of December at Olarin kirkko (Note - not the church in Espoon keskus). Our well-deserved Christmas vacation then begins directly after the concert.

Wishing you all energetic studies and working days despite darker and chillier seasons,

Saana Ruotsala and Susanne Björkstén

Principal and Assistant Principal