Every academic year Mattliden students will participate in 4 several MEP (Model European Parliament) events in different European countries. During these sessions, delegates have an opportunity to meet and work with other young people from other Finnish high schools (we cooperate with Gymnasiet Grankulla Samskola, Helsingin suomalainen yhteiskoulu, Kulosaaren yhteiskoulu, and Kauniaisten lukio) as well as from all over the European Union. The basic concept is a simulation of the European Parliament. Students (known as ‘delegates’ are each assigned to a committee, and their job is to write a resolution on the issue which they have been assigned). These resolutions are then presented and debated in a General Assembly, where all delegates vote whether or not they should be passed. Those resolutions which pass are sent to the actual European Union for consideration. 

You would be a good candidate for MEP if you are interested in the contemporary issues which concern us all, want to develop your research, writing, and speaking skills (in English), and are keen to meet new people and engage with new ideas.   


Anna Martikainen (IB coordinator)